Curriculum Vitae


luciaName: Lucia Stavolone

Professional Conference Interpreter and Certified Court Translator according to the Italian Law  4 14/1/2013, G.U. 22 26/01/2013.

Active Member of AIIC, the International Conference Interpreters Association.

Place and date of birth : Napoli, Italy,  19.10.1962

Business address: NAPOLI, Italy


Mobile: 339 1309527
Email: –



Classical high-school diploma obtained  at the  Scuole Pie Napoletane in 1979, with the mark of  58/60.

Diploma in Interpretation and Translation  into and from English and German obtained at the Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators  in Napoli, Italy in the academic year 1984/85

Registered with number 97 in the List of Certified Court Interpreters and Translators at the Court of Napoli, Italy, since 16/12/87.

Registered in the List of Certified Interpreters and Translators of the Chamber of Commerce in Napoli, Italy since 12.05.1987.

Diploma in Translation of the Institute of Linguists obtained in  November 1990.

Assointerpreti member from 1999 to July 2019.

 AIIC Member since October 1st 2019.


Translations from English and German into Italian and from Italian and German into English of various topics, including:

  • biology and bioinformatics,
  • jurisprudence and law,
  • philosophy,
  • market research,
  • marketing and focus groups,
  • music,
  • psychology,
  • social studies,
  • medicine,
  • pharmacology,
  • alternative therapies (Homeopathy, Reiki, Shamanism, Theta Healing).


Titles of some published translations of mine:

  • “The Ottaviano Eruption” by Sabina Maraffi
  • “Democracy and the End of Metaphysics” by Prof. Fabio Ciaramelli
  • “An Energy Extremum Principle for Local Action” by Prof. L. Nunziante
  • “Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures with an emphasis on mechanics and computer matrix” del Prof. L. Nunziante
  • “Manual der Neonatologie” a cura del Prof. Maurizio Amato. Italian title of the book::”Handbook di Neonatologia” published by: Mediserve s.r.l.
  • “Körpersprache del Depression, Atlas depressiver Ausdrucksformen” by Prof. Bolko Pfau.  Italian title of the book: “I mille volti della depressione, atlante delle forme espressive della depressione” published by: Mediserve s.r.l.
  • Translation of the Psychotherapeutic  Comedy: “Uomini Deludenti e Bisbetiche Indomabili”  from the book: “Psicoterapia dell’Amore e del Sesso” by Francesco Aquilar, published by  Franco Angeli/Le Comete – 2006, translated upon request of  Francesco Aquilar for Albert Ellis. English title of the comedy: “Disappointing Men and untameable Shrews”.
  • GiocoMusica – A simple and pleasant method to learn violin. by Patrizia Scarano – published by Edizioni Simeoli.
  • “High-dose chemotherapy in refractory or relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma patients: a reappraisal of prognostic factors.” Emilia Cocorocchio et al. published in Hematological Oncology.

Professor of English language and technical translation on the occasion of the course organized by Ass.for.seo for computer operators, in  Venafro (IS), dal 12th. to the 24th. September.

Professor of English – Italian – English  simultaneous and consecutive interpreting  at the I.S.I.T. (Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators)  in Maddaloni (Ce) in the academic year 1997/98.

Professor of consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting in the Master Course for conference interpreters at the Istituto Universitario Orientalein  Napoli, Italy in the academic  year 2000-01.

Tutor appointed by IAAM (Italian Association for Arts and Music) for tutoring students from the Istituto Universitario Orientale participating in training and orientation stages  at IAAM, under the Convention between the IUO and IAAM.