Lucia Stavolone


lucia-1-0Understanding each other is crucial,

especially in this era of globalisation when most of trades, cultural exchanges and professional relations take place with partners from other countries.


Lucia Stavolone meets all of your demands of interpretation and translation into and from English, German and Italian, with the skills and expertise she has developed in Italy and abroad in more than thirty-six years, and which always met the full satisfaction of her clients. In particular Lucia Stavolone offers her own services  and is available  to travel for work in Italy and abroad.

Lucia is active member of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters. She is an expert interpreter and translator registered with the Court of Napoli, Italy, and as such she can certify her own translation and have the Apostille affixed on them.

Interpreting and translations into and from English, German, Italian.

Her business address is in Napoli, Italy and she works in Italy and abroad.