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The Remote Interpreter Webinar Seres: #4 Guidelines for Healthcare Remote Interpreters.

Date Time: Apr 30, 2020 11:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Description: Interpreting in a specialized field such as healthcare requires certain skills, protocols and best practices. The goal is to provide quality language access in healthcare. When you interpret encounters remotely, however, there are special considerations and challenges. You have to adjust to not being physically present and learn to leverage non-verbal cues and environmental dynamics.

This webinar will focus on identifying and providing effective solutions to potential challenges for remote interpreters in healthcare, for example: how to acquire specialized medical terminology, tips to become assertive, navigating overlapping fields (for example: legal, faith-based, educational, and customer service interpreting in healthcare) and working with various healthcare systems.

Learning Objectives
After completing this webinar, the interpreter will be able to:
1. List and address potential challenges in remote healthcare interpreting.
2. Explore strategies to acquire specialized medical terminology.
3. Develop the skills to clearly request clarification of unknown medical terminology.
4. Address the dynamics of intersecting fields within remote healthcare interpreting.